June 23, 2012

noun /ˌsatəˈrīəsis/ 

Uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a man. ‘Nymphomaniac’ for woman. 


A word that I came across in that famous David Foster Wallace piece about John Updike (where he says of Updike’s male protagonists: they are all very similar; solipsistic, narcissistic and ‘though always heterosexual to the point of satyriasis, they do not love woman.’) I kept this in mind as I read (and, on the whole, enjoyed) ‘Trust Me’ a collection by Mr Updike. I would have to say that I agree with DFW. 

Also recently watched ‘Shame’ the Steve Mcqueen movie, in which Michael Fassbender plays a pretty spectacularly affected sex addict. The word seemed appropriate.



June 10, 2012

noun /ˈbärˌdō/

bardos, plural

1. A state of existence between death and rebirth in Tibetan Buddhism, varying in length according to a persons conduct in life and manner of, or age at, death.

2. An indeterminate, transitional state.